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Tube Ice Storage Rake

This is one of our Tube Ice Storage Rake installed on site. The machine has 140 tons/day of capacity.

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Ice Machine

We have over 30 yrs experience in the business, ensuring you the highest quality, BUY DIRECT & SAVE. FAST DELIVERY.

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Seafood Blast Freezer

This is a Prawn Blast Freezer with a capacity of 10 tons in a span of 8 hours.

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Containerized Package

This containerized package reduces on-site installation time.

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Racking and Lighting

We provide quality and cost-efficient lighting solutions, including full galvanized racking systems.

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Compressor Package

Our RefComp Compressor Packages offer great return on investment.

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Taylor Refrigeration

Taylor refrigeration is a refrigeration company based in Brisbane’s South-Eastern Suburbs and has completed a wide range of refrigeration projects in various places around Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

We have over 30 Years of experience and are trusted by our past and present clients.

Through constant dedication and effort, professional ethics and practices, and a whole lot of hard work, the team at Taylor Refrigeration, have built this once small family business to become the successful business it is today.   

The team’s strong desire to be recognized as one of the best refrigeration companies in the country and offers the best services available will ensure the company’s direction in the upcoming years. Contact us today to discuss what Taylor Refrigeration can do for you.

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